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How to start?


Registration for gallbladder preserving surgery in 2020 / 2021:

As many people want to come as soon as possible, we are trying our best to organize a list by your needs and opportunities

  • Fill the form "Apply for treatment" at this web
  • Get permission for surgery from chinese doctors (within 1 day)
  • Send Patient's passport picture
  • Receive email with information about Advance payment 1500 RMB (~210 USD) for reservation
  • Make a payment online
  • Get a letter with reservation confirmation and receipt for advance payment
  • Coordinate arrival date
  • Receive invitation for surgery and apply for chinese visa

* Advance payment is included in total surgery cost. Advance payment is made online in any currency. It can be returned in the same amount to the Sender in 90 days by request. Detailed information will be sent by email after the Patient is admitted to the surgery.

Preparation (Outside the epidemic period)

We recommend you to plan a trip for surgery 10-30 days in advance.

During this time, our staff review all analyses and patient's health data, make ward reservation, registrate the surgery date in schedule. And also the Patient will purchase the airtickets and gets visa to China.

The entire trip, including the flight, checkup, surgery and recovery period at the hospital takes 7-9 days.

The final decision to perform a surgery will be made after a comprehensive patient's medical examination at the hospital in China.

Step by step :

  • Send email with a usual ultrasound (report, preferably with a gallbladder picture) and answers for the next questions:
  1. How often do you have pain?
  2. Previous surgeries under General anesthesia?
  3. Other diseases (diagnosis)?
  4. Specify if you daily take any medications.
  5. Patient's height and weight?
  6. What dates do you plan a trip to China?

* The next available dates are regularly updated on the main page of this website.

  • Expect a response within 24 hours.
  • Receive a letter of preliminary admission for surgery.
  • Coordinate the arrival date.
  • Purchase the air ticket and email the itinerary receipt along with a main page of your international passport.
  • Get email about your registration and trip information.
  • Apply for Chinese visa (if necessary).

Reminder for arriving patients

Dear Ladies, please don’t polish your nails before trip!

Planning a trip don’t make a big luggage (much clothes and heavy things), because after surgery you will not be able to carry heavy bags. In this case suitcase with wheels will be suitable.

If you regularly take some pills - take them with you and keep taking the same way.

As soon as you get a prior consent for surgery you should start to keep a diet in order not to cause an inflammation and gallbladder pain attack before trip, or you will have to wait for 2 - 4 weeks more. 

At the arrival day you will be met at the Guangzhou airport. After that we’ll drive you to the hospital, accommodate you in the ward and you’ll have a meal and rest.

On the first day of arrival you may not eat and drink anything after 10pm till time the examination will be finished (next day about 11am).

You can read more about examination on the page "Surgery cost".

About 12-2pm all examination results are ready and we make a final decision if the patient has some contraindications or not.

It’s better to have a rest before surgery and try not to nervous much.

Patient has to stop eating and drinking 10 hours before surgery until 24 hours after surgery. Next few days you will get feeding mostly through injections.

In 10 hours after surgery patient can carefully and slowly get up and walk to the toilet.

Next day after surgery it’s allowed to drink some water and to eat a rice porridge.

It takes 5 - 6 days after surgery to get back to normal life style.

Before the check out day patient will get special medicine for faster gallbladder recovery.

After surgery gallstones and polyps will be send for structure examination. Few days after surgery you will get a report about it.

Indications for gallbladder preserving surgery

  1. single stone with echoshadow more than 4mm;
  2. numerous stones of any size in the galbladder cavity;
  3. single polyp in the gallbladder more than 5mm;
  4. numerous polyps of any size;
  5. single stone, numerous stones or sand in the bile duct;
  6. stones sticked to the gallbladder walls or stucked in the neck;
  7. stones growing inside the gallbladder walls;
  8. putty dense bile with sand in the gallbladder or bile duct.


  1. Acute Cholecystitis (episode within one month)
  2. Diabetes (individually)
  3. Coronary disease
  4. Choledocholithiasis (should do ERCP first)
  5. Cirrhosis (check blood tests)
  6. Gallbladder wall thickness more than 4mm (need to take medicine for 7-10 days)
  7. Operation history of upper abdomen (liver/stomach/spleen)
  8. Tuberculosis 
  9. BMI more 25 (need to see patient's pictures)
  10. Pyelonephritis (individually)
  11. Reactive pancreatitis
  12. Other serious disease 

Ages over 60 is NOT a contraindication.

If you have any contraindications - contact us and describe your diagnosis. Every situation will be considered individually.