Shang Yao Brand Dan Ning Pian For Chronic Cholecystitis

Ingredients: rhubarb, Polygonum cuspidatum, green husk, Rhizoma of Rhizoma Pericarpium, tangerine peel, Curcuma longa, and hawthorn.

Character: This product is a film coated tablet. It is brown and sweet after coating.

Functional treatment: liver and gallbladder dredging, heat clearing. It is used for the pain of the right upper quadrant caused by stagnation of liver qi and stagnation of damp heat.

Pharmacologic action:

  1. Efficacy of choleretic effect: by increasing the activity of liver na+-k+atp enzyme, improving the function of sodium pump of liver cell membrane, increasing the amount of bile secretion by hepatocytes and promoting bile secretion.
  2. Anti-inflammatory effect: Animal experiments show that after treatment with Daning tablets, gallbladder inflammation can be alleviated, gallbladder epithelial cells return to normal, cell swallowing activity is enhanced, dark cells in the epithelium are increased, and gallbladder epithelial function is enhanced.
  3.  Anti-stone effect: Daning tablets can prevent the formation of cholesterol-type stones by increasing the secretion of lecithin and reducing the nucleating factor, and can also reverse the pigmentation of gallstones by reducing the activity of β-glucuronidase in liver and bile.
  4. Anti-hepatic cell steatosis effect: Daning tablets can restore the ultrastructure of denatured hepatocytes to normal, and the fat degeneration rate of the liver is reduced. One of its possible mechanisms is achieved by increasing the activity of liver superoxide dismutase, reducing the level of lipid peroxides, and reducing the intermolecular polymerization.

Specification: 0.36g*100 grain / box

Usage and dosage: oral. 5 tablets one time, 3 times a day. Postprandial clothes

Side effects: increased stool frequency and occasional mild diarrhea.

Taboo: prohibit the allergy to this product


  • pregnant women and allergic persons should be careful.
  • after taking this product, such as daily defecation increased to three times and above, should be reduced as appropriate.
  • the use of drug properties is prohibited.
  • please place this medicine in a place where children can't touch it.

Drug interactions: drug interactions may occur when combined with other drugs. Consult your physician or pharmacist for details.

Storage: seal.

Packing: 0.36gx100 / bottle

Period of validity: 36 months


Xiaoyan LiDan Pian (Xiaoyan Lidan Pian) – the medicine used in inflammation of the gallbladder.

This healing remedy combines both the latest technology and ancient eastern traditions.
The medicine normalizes all functions of the gallbladder, restoring the natural exchange of cholesterol in the body.
The drug has an anti-inflammatory and choleretic effects. Its effectiveness has been proven by numerous laboratory studies and positive customer feedback.

Indications for use:
Acute and chronic cholecystitis
Biliary dyskinesia

Pharmacological action:
It has an anti-inflammatory and analgetic effect, relaxes the muscles of the Oddi’s sphincter, increasing the secretion of bile and normalizing the function of the gallbladder, relaxes.

Instruction for use:
Take 6 tablets 3 times a day during or after meals with warm boiled water.