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CHiAO Choledochoscopy Operation Demonstration and Conference Concluded Successfully

And the first national endoscopic minimally invasive gall preserving lithotomy conference five anniversary commemoration meeting

Victory closed curtain

In December 8th, by the Ministry of health of gallbladder disease hepatobiliary & enteric Surgery Research Center hosted "CHiAO choledochoscopy (polyp) gallbladder preserving operation demonstration and technical seminar and the first national endoscopic minimally invasive gall preserving lithotomy Conference Commemorating the five anniversary conference" was held.

Gallbladder disease research institute director Qiao Tie presided over the opening ceremony, the Chinese Academy of engineering, Chinese Academy of Engineering Huang Zhiqiang academician He Jishan to the meeting and make important speech HuoYang vice mayor attended the meeting and delivered a welcome speech, Professor Zhang Baoshan, Professor Chen Xunru, Professor Tian Fuzhou, Professor Qiao Tie, Professor Liu Yanmin and more than 30 the famous Chinese experts in endoscopy conference seminars, all parts of the country nearly 400 surgery experts, scholars attended the meeting in the academic exchanges, learning the most advanced gallbladder surgerytechniques and research achievements.

Academician Huang Zhiqiang China biliary surgery, the father of Chinese Academy of engineering, at the age of 92 to the meeting and made lectures "fellow surgeons and surgical safety" Huang Zhiqiang stood in the surgical longitudinal development, on the current surgical surgeon situation, combined with the future development of surgery, the surgeon's scientific literacy, emotional intelligence, the sense of innovation. Non technical training and put forward higher requirements. Everyone demeanor, accurate thoughts and the vivid metaphor, won the applause from the delegates.

Academician He Jishan praised CHiAO endoscopy represents the highest level.

The famous geophysicist, Chinese Academy of Engineeringacademician He Jishan to the meeting and make important speechat the opening ceremony, academician He Jishan watched the developed by the study on gallbladder disease series CHiAO endoscopy in the field after the highly praised the strong innovation ability of Chinese Endoscopic Doctor to endoscopicmedical industry in China has made tremendous contributions, encourage more medical personnel medical equipment R & D investment ranks, and promote greater development of this cause.

Medicine, engineering, science, trade seminars into a bright spot.

After years of development, stone (gallbladder polyps) technology has become a system engineering inter discipline, participants from different angles on the technology to do a comprehensive communication and discussion. Study of hospital, gallbladder disease as the sponsors of the conference, experts and scholars from all over the country, industry, medical science, trade and other aspects the lectures of gallbladder surgery at present the most advanced scientific research achievements, including the"new choledochoscope development and application","classification", "study of gallstone Clonorchis sinensis eggs and gallbladder stones", new technology, theory and research method and so on to delegates find everything fresh and new feeling.