After surgery

1. Keep a good living habit: regulating the daily life to ensure enough sleep; keeping a pleasant, optimistic and broad-minded mood; keeping on physical exercise and keeping a proper balance between work and rest.

2. Keep a reasonable and healthy diet. Low-fat diet, less fat meat, animal insides and sea food, more crude fiber food in order to move the bowels, eat regularly.

3. If BMI>25, these patients should take a healthy diet and keep an appropriate exercise to reduce weight rationally post operation. (BMI=weight/height2, overweight if BMI>25, obesity if BMI>30).

4. If the blood TG, CHO and LDL were higher than normal, these patients should take hypolipidemic medicine under the guidance of doctor besides the rational diet post operation.

5. Those patients should take 33% Adlerika and dephlogisticate cholagogue pill orally regularly if acute or chronic cholecystitis (the contractile function of gallbladder was not well, gallbladder wall was thickened, >5mm, less soft) was discovered during the operation through biliary tract endoscope or ultrasonic cholecystoscope. 

6. Usage of the 33% Adlerika: oral administration, 15ml each time, three times a day, taking before meals, 2 days as a course of treatment, taking one course every 2 weeks. If diarrhea, a common side effect of this medicine, was serious, please reduce the dosage (10ml each time) or stop intake.

7. Usage of the dephlogisticate cholagogue pill: oral administration, 6 pills each time, three times a day.

The treatment plan should be adjusted in time according to the results of color ultrasound and doctor's advice.

8. Patients with simple cholesterol stone (analyzed by stone component analysis after the operation) or gallbladder cholesterosis (diagnosed during the operation) have to control the intake of high cholesterol diets (animal insides, sea food, egg yolk, etc) and receive a Taurolite (the third-generation bile acid drug) treatment.

9. The post-operative check-up time: three months, six months and 12 months post operation in the first year, every six months in the next years.